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The 'National Geographic Israel' Magazine having a photography competition every year, and in 2019 I decided to participate for the first time and sent a photo I took during the year.

I wasn't expecting or even dreaming that I would reach such a high place, and then I found out that I won the first place out of more than 5000 photos that sent to the competition!


Who are the people who take their dog for a photo shooting?


It's been 3.5 years since I started working as a dog photographer, the awareness of dog photography among the dog owners in the Israel has risen.
Today, more and more dog owners are inviting me to take photos of their dogs so that they can have a high quality souvenir for life, or even just because it's really fun to show off with your dog's pictures as a model.


On January 18, 2020, an article about the topic of dogs photography in Israel was broadcasted on the Israel's national channel... I tried to look at my the best

Adopt a dog - sponsored by Biopet and Urban choice - dog food for the urban dog

הורדה (1).png

הטרנד הכי חם: גם אתם רוצים לעשות בוק לכלב

ממש כמו אצל בני האדם, גם לחברים הכי טובים שלנו יש צלמים מקצועיים. מאיר גור, אחד כזה, מסביר אילו כלבים יתאימו לצילומים בטבע, ואילו לצילומי סטודיו


'הכלבים של מאיר'

מאיר גור מצלם כלבים כבר שנתיים וחצי. תצלומיו מלאי חן וכוללים מבטים נוגעים ללב ולצד סיטאוציות של כלבים בפעולה. בשיחה עמו הוא מספר על קשר שהלך והעמיק עם ההולכים על ארבע


לשבור את האינסטגרם: 5 טיפים לצילום המושלם של הכלב שלכם

יוצאים לטיול עם חברכם הטוב ביותר ורוצים לתעד את הרגע? אם תקשיבו לצלם הכלבים מאיר גור, גם התמונות שלכם יכולות להיראות כאילו צולמו על ידי צלם מקצועי

The combination of a great love for animals and a passion for design, gave rise to HOS’A pet furniture. Dogs and cats have long been part of the family, so we thought of giving them the respect they deserve, and providing them with a warm personal corner that will suit them and your home decor alike.


What's the breed?

How familiar are you with dog breeds?

Collect as many series of five dog breeds from the same family and earn points. Winner: The one who scored the most points


Dog breeds card game

Dogs of the world card game was developed by the excellent dog trainer Yogev ofer in order to help educational teams making contanct, improve the communication and the relationship with children and teens in any ages.

In the card game, dogs of different breeds are shown, and the participants need to remember information about each dog and breed,and in this way, they develop their communication and social skills

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