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Kesem is a 7 years old German shepherd.

She was adopted 6.5 years ago from a dog shelter after she was founded wander in the street.
Kesem is my first dog and my soul mate, Sometimes I'm saying that she knows me better than I do.
She's a very Positive and sociable dog And instantly becomes a friend of everyone she meets (both people and dogs) and that's why she got her name 'Kesem' a word in Hebrew with two meanings, Charm & Magic.



Toto is the grummy dude of our pack.. 
He is a 8 years old Mini Schnauzer, and his ultimate goal in life is to conquer every street corner for himself.
Toto is our doorkeeper, no one comes in and out without his permission.
Beneath his toughness, Toto is also an outstanding sporting dog who won agility competitions with Yael, who is his owner even before he entered to my
Yael called him Toto because he was the light of her life, just like Dorothy's Toto from the storytale 'Wizard of Oz'.




Thanos is a 3 year old pure bred Blue-merle Sheltie that came from the amazing breeder Asaf moran*
Thanos is the cute stupid little cloun of the pack.. Good mood is his responsibility!

You can buy Thanos attention easily with a small slice of cheese, but don't expect him to bring you back a ball or play with you with a Skinny for more than 2 minutes, he's too lazy for that.




R.I.P - HETZ❤️

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