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Dogs Photography Workshops

During the last 6 years, I have been

performing dog photography workshops in Israel.

In my workshops I emphasize the topic of communicating with dogs in a shooting session,

In order to get the best expressions

of the models.

A better basic understanding of the exposure triangle.
Correct communication with the dog and the owner.
How to behave correctly according to the location and lighting in the situation.
Types of compositions, and how to make the image eye-catching.
Tips, tricks, and important highlights that will make your photos look professional.

In my workshops, a team of experienced

and beautiful models regularly

make a warm and fun atmosphere!


How to choose the

best frame for


Dealing with

harsh lighting


Choosing the right location for the shootings

Editing with 

How to communicate with a dog during photo shoot
in order to get his best expression


Motion photography techniques

Which angles are the most flattering for dogs

Practical Guided Practice
with the best dog models

Help and support after the workshop

Watch my

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